About Us

Welcome to The Outdoors & Adventure Blog!

This blog is dedicated to highlighting the best of outdoor sports and adventures, extreme games, martial arts, weapons training and use, home safety, fun and recreation, amazing things people do while on vacation and other interesting stuff.

We mainly feature western style outdoor sports and adventures; however, we will be making special presentation of all sorts of fun activities that people do around the world! So, whether it is surfing at the beaches of California, The Bahamas or Hawaii; or snorkeling at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef in Australia, paragliding, base jumping, sportsfishing, hunting, survival, martial arts and combat training tips, guns and rifles, flyboarding, skiing, marathon, walkathon, games, etc. you can be sure to read about it here.

Soon we hope to raise enough funds through a crowd funding or kickstarter program, so that we can send someone to travel the world and capture great images and videos for our feature articles on outdoors and adventures.


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